Ever Ready 1989

Constantine Nicholas is a veteran of over 22 solo exhibitions and many group exhibitions across Australia and overseas.

Nicholas creates sumptuously rich artworks and environments that emanate fragments of history with underlining questions of colonialism and commercialism. Under thick materials and fluid layers of paint and varnish his works reveal text, images and maps that are foreign and familiar. Nicholas uses historical reference sources to examine the early histories of Australia and the South Pacific.



“An ongoing theme in my work is to use historical maps and illustrations to present a place in time or a reference point that I can question and respond to. My usual approach is to cover and to recover these references with heaps of paint, objects and layers of varnish, to diminish or highlight what they represent – sometimes to the extent of losing the images and its inherent value altogether. In some of my exhibits I look to incorporate the exhibition site to bring added context and layered meaning to the work.”