Line Forms Series

Lines Forms experiments with works on paper, photographic and digital works. I love to push the extremes of abstract space, colour, design, illusion and environmental concepts.

I like to think of each line figuratively as a persona, battling over space, time and territories with others and their environment. In the darkness, and in the lightness, I want to push what these marks and strokes can be and mean. To create an imaginery, hopeful and even an horrific space – where the mind can wander.

Sept: DAMzine magazine DAMremix group share & show program. Each artist is featured in the monthly issue. See issue No. 5

‘Lines of Heaven and Hell’ | Edition of 1/20

August – Sept: featured works on FormFunction.xyz

Exerpt and works from FormFunction.xyz

August: DAMzine magazine DAMswap group share & show program. Each artist is featured in the monthly issue. See issue No. 4

Lines of white gather at stream | Edition 1/5

May 30 to June 12, Melbourne. The Antipodean Palette annual Art Trail exhibiting the work of eight unique artists on 1.7 m x 2.3 m posters on various locations in Brunswick… The eight artists on display are: Efrossini Chaniotis, Katrina Ginis, Masonik, Joy McDonald, Constantine Nicholas, James Pasakos, Kalliroe Tsiatis and Yanis. The Greek Herald, May, 2022

Art Trail featured work

“Lines of white overcome by reds, yellows & greens’.

2022. Acrylic, Ink and pen on paper.

30 cms x 21 cms

ARTLINES 2022 ANNEX EXHIBIT – Works on canvas, board and paper 1 March – 31 March. Concord Library, Sydney. See Exhibition Catalogue.

ART LINES 2022 on February to March 31 OnCyber Gallery (A VIRTUAL EXHBITION)

ART LINES explores space, digital photography and drawing to create rich coloured abstract line-scapes. Access works at Oncyber Gallery

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