create again

Thanks for visiting. It has been a while since I’ve had a chance to focus on creating anything artistic (formally) and that includes updating my website. I’ve been sitting on the sidelines and observing the world from a lens of working in the corporate world in marketing and digital media roles for tech companies. Lot’s of things have happened in the art market over the last five years and this disruption has brought about challenges and opportunities. But in that time I have managed to use technology at hand to fulfil my personal creative needs using digital images and text.  So my medium (iPhone and apps) and my channels (Instagram, Twitter) have enabled me to express my view on the environments and sites that I encounter in immediate and efficient manner.

This is all been a very private endeavour and not being out there in the greater realm of the ‘art circuit’. But it is liberating in the fact that I don’t really think or worry about why I am doing it and who will see it. I just feel the urge to capture an image and make comment with text at that moment. These Art Words don’t necessarily make any sense but they are more about adding layers of context depending on how you view them. Using illustrations and text in my work was always a preoccupation to bring additional meaning to something that was ultimately only meaningful to whoever saw something in these works.  Art Words are quick sketches that will gradually build into a larger meaning at some point but I’m not even considering any of this formally from an artistic perspective.  It’s more an organic methodology that I’m pursuing and at this point interested in expressing on a platform that is accessible to anyone wherever they may be.

I’ve got lots more bubbling up so feel free to touch base here again.

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