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June 15 – July 15 | Exchange Art

Lines of Frankenheads

This is the first exhibit on Exchange Art by Constantine Nicholas (aka Artcons9) . The ‘Frankenheads’ series of eight PHYSICAL works explore the figurative head as an abstract image. Where do the lines of reality and abstraction start and end? What is defined and what is not? Is it that an elliptical shape or the semblance of eyes and teeth to make us see and imagine recognised forms? These works challenge the premise – to make the abstract realistic and realistic something that it may not be.

Exhibition runs from June 15 – July 15, 2023.

Medium: Pigment, acrylic, pen, ink and pastel on canvas or board. Physical artwork dimensions approx: 30 cm x 20 cm x 2 cm. All works created in 2022-2023

Prices in USD include the physical work and the digital NFT.

Works on canvas and board. See works


You can now view and collect digital works by Constantine Nicholas. Digital works (from paintings, drawings and/or digital hybrids) feature as unique works by the artist. They hold intrinsic value in their own right. Singles, collaborations or limited edition sets. Here the artist brings to life his conceptual drawings, abstract explorations, line forms and spacial themes through the immediacy of digital media. See markets links page.

For physical works see the latest exhibition or contact the artist directly.