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Judith McGrath

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Just when you think you’ve seen it all and in danger of becoming indifferent to your appreciation of the visual arts, an exhibition like this one comes along to reawaken all the reasons why you are addicted to good painting…”

Western Suburbs Weekly, WA  May 17, 2005

Anne-Marie Archer, State of the Arts newsletter & web site, May 16, 2005 (extract below)

His rich surface layers have been described as an echo of the opulence of the colonial eras that invite comparison with the richness of today’s capitalism. And the thick gloss finishes enhance the luminosity of gold and silver, creating a striking contrast with the black and sometimes red featured in his art…

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There have been many attempts recently to examine the habits of
mind and cultural presumptions, that we all, in some measure have
derived from colonial Australia. There has never been one, however,
quite so splendidly lustrous, brilliant and dangerously seductive as
Transactions III by Constantine Nicholas at Delaney Gallery…

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